Getting Started Quick Guides

You’ve FINALLY found it…

Are you looking to service your clients need easily and stress free?

Essentially spending £x to generate £xx in client fees.

These short and quick guides are designed for 1 reason, to allow you to sell a service to a client and then fulfil it to the standard required to make them happy.

Simply buy the guide or guides that you need, work on finding a client to pay you the suggested price for it and then follow the step by step guide exactly to fulfil the service.


The systems I have built not only allowed me to grow and scale, they also dramatically increased my efficiencies and margins, and they will do exactly the same for you.

These are not advanced guides, nor will they deliver you millions of pounds, however they will get you nicely started and allow you to provide clients with a pleasurable experience working with you.

Quick and easy, get a client, buy a guide, follow the instructions, get paid!

All guides cost £10-30 and if you don’t like it once you buy it, there is a no questions asked lifetime money back guarantee (as always). You can see a little more info on each product HERE

Below the quick guides is my paid link training system, this is the best thing on the market for any link builder.

What you get:

Each guide contains at least 2 things, a template and some instructions.

These things are designed to not need anything that isn't included, so even if you have zero experience, you can buy one, follow the instructions and hand it over to a client in exchange for real life money!


This will be an almost complete version that you simply need to fill in some blanks to have it client worthy.

This is the thing that you will give to the client as a completely finished service or product.


Obviously I'm not gonna leave you hanging, so this set of instructions will show you how to fill in the blanks left in the template.

You won't need anything else, just follow these instructions and your client will be happy.

NOTE: none of these guides contain information on getting clients

Which Guide/s Do You Need?

SEO and Traffic Strategy

This is my top seller, it contains 6 documents, that once filled in using the inclusive step by step instructions will leave whatever site you're working on generating hundreds if not thousands of new visits per day. I will walk you through creating an audience persona, tracking down where they hang out online, building a content asset that they will love and then getting it in front of their faces.

It includes everything you need from how to find the targets to a copy and paste outreach email to send to them. This is generally going to be a monthly service that you sell to clients, starting from a minimum of £300 per month anywhere up to £1000.

You buy for: £30 You sell for: £300 Your profit = £270

First month SEO guide

This is a day by day run down of what I do as soon as a new client comes on board. I will show you exactly what to do each day to set up and run an effective campaign in the first month.

I charge an absolute minimum of £350 for these types of campaigns, but if your client has the budget this is the exact same first month that I do for £3000+ clients.

You buy for: £30 You sell for: £350 Your profit = £320

White hat link building system

This is my core product, it teaches you how to find and hire virtual staff members who will use the training documents within the system to seamlessly build white hat links at scale for absolutely ANY website.

There is also a free trial version of this which will show you how to build your first 10 white hat links within around 5 hours of work, pretty much copy and paste.

You buy for: £600 You sell for: £1,000-5,000 (monthly) Your profit = between £400 - £4,400 in the first month