Refund Policy

Coaching Refunds

I want you to be satisfied with this coaching setup, so if you need to ask any questions email me at The agreement is for 6 months, so you should expect to pay each month for the duration.

However, if you want to cancel within the first 30 days, you can have your money back (unless you have already had your call, as services will have been rendered). If you stay beyond 30 days then you won’t be entitled to cancel until after your 6th month.

After 6 months you will be on a recurring monthly, which you can cancel at any time. But refunds will only occur if you haven’t taken that months call.



You can cancel within 30 days, but not if you have taken your call.

If you don’t submit a refund request within 30 days, you are not entitled to cancel until after the 6th month.

You can reschedule one call each year, if you absolutely can’t find a time to replace, you can have a refund for that month.

If you reschedule once, and can’t make another call, then that call is forfeit.

Refunds on other products

My refund policy is simple, if you use my systems and guides exactly as they are intended, that means actually using them and implementing exactly as I have laid things out and they do not work for you, then you can have a refund.