How to start an SEO agency that makes £3,000 per month in 2 weeks with 3 quick and easy tools (case study)

A lot of people who this blog will attract are people who want to make a living without leaving their couch, they want to earn a lot of money with a little effort. Well I went out and did it for you, and documented every step so that you could follow it step by step and recreate it, how does £3,100 per month for working 5 hours per week sound to you?

Alas… here is my guide on:

How to Start an SEO Agency and Make £3,000 Per Month

Well I did it in 2 weeks and this is exactly how step by step and the best part? If you cant replicate this get off my blog IMMEDIATELY! It really is that easy.

Here look – this is a screenshot of my brand new paypal account, the only payments ever made to it are shown here, I started this experiment on 12th August, it took 2 days to make my first monehs.

how to start an seo agency

This case study will show you how set up an agency and earned enough to live a very comfortable lifestyle working only 5 hours per week. I’ll give you dump files that you can copy and paste and tell you exactly how to replicate what I have done.

I’ll show you:

What tools you need

How to use them

How to get clients

How to manage them

How to be extremely lazy and still make £3000 a month on about 5 hours per week

This started off as an experiment when I was talking to one of my mates at the pub, I have built a 6 figure digital agency and was saying that I could do it again, so he challenged me. Here is the result and how you can do it too….

For those of you who are lazy and wil never put this into action then here are the steps:

1)   Use my guide that shows you exactly how to link build

2)   Join the freelance sites listed below

3)   Send them the message I have written for you

4)   Get paid

5)   Use all of the other bountiful resources at the bottom to fulfill your clients dream


Here are your freebies for this post, click the button at the bottom of this article and you will get:

…you can get them again at the end of the post…

1) your swipe files to recreate my exact process
2) checklist to make sure you have everything done consistently
3) a template for creating article summaries that you can hand to any writer to create articles for you outreach
4) questionnaire to determine the exact type of content you should be creating

Grab them here

Now if you’re serious and want to actually make money….

Lets get into it….

First off you need to have: pro subscription

Citation labs tools (all 3 tools located at

A account [NOTE: I am now using Ninja outreach aswell, which is fucking awesome!, guide coming soon]

Go out and buy these services right now! If you can’t afford them, find a way to afford them, get the jobs first if you have to, but you NEED these 3 things to use this strategy.  They will cost you under £70 per month and they will make you in excess of £3000, well this is the recurring rate I have earned in the last 2 weeks (14th-29th August).

Congratulations you are already better than 90% of the SEO guys that I see. These 3 tools + you are the avengers of link building, they are essentially the heavy lifting and you are the planner (think Ironman but you don’t need the suit).

(NOTE: Want to create a proven,consistent traffic and SEO strategy (that you can sell for at least £300 to your clients) by filling in some blanks on my template? Yeah… it’s that easy! Get my Traffic Strategy Mini Product here)

Step 1 – How we build links

First off we are going to choose a position for our agency, you have various options here, you can be a content marketing agency, an outreach agency and everything else is shit, if you’re not doing one of these 2 things then you’re not a real agency in my opinion.

For the sake of this case study we’re going to be link building via outreach for our clients as I think this is the most in demand services of the SEO arsenal.

Ok so in general you only need to be able to do 3 things to run an outreach agency:

You need to know how to link build (properly)

You need to get clients

You need to make reports

The link building part

Okay so there are a couple of basic steps included in a link building campaign:

Choosing a medium to contact people, I’ve done this for you, we’re going to email them using my swipe files and then follow up by phone if we haven’t heard from them.

Finding targets, this is probably the hardest part, so I’ve basically done it for you, you will use the search strings that I provide you with to fins targets.

It is then a simple process of going through and contacting people and asking for a link, people make this out to be really hard but I honestly find it very easy and you will too.

So you want to know what to type into Google to find people who will want to link back to you, here it is….

Types of link we will be building

From now on we will be working exclusively with 4 type of links:

Broken Links

Guest Posts

Links Pages

Link Network

The meaning of each of these is below-

Broken links are our bread and butter, this gives you some guaranteed links each month for your reports.

Guest posts should only really be done for traffic but if you need to get a few extra links each month they are easy to find using the advanced operator at the in the pdf at the bottom of this post (you can even buy some if required).

Links pages, this is where we will make our money, we will target the very highest authority sites and ask them for a link because what we have will be valuable to their readers.

2 methods of link building that your competition aren’t doing

We can use 2 different techniques to get these links:

1)    the one mentioned below using buzzstream etc

2)    we will find a resource that has been linked to a lot (again our mozbar will show us anything with 100+ links), we then simply create something better and approach each and every person who links to it and show them our new version which is much better and should have their link 😉

Eventually you will all own a link network (I will show you how to build one in a future article) for now it doesn’t matter but this will give you access to 10-30 very powerful links that you will use to give your clients site the boost in serps that will keep them paying for your services.

If you can get a few of each of these types of links each month then people will be more than happy to pay you £50 per hour, it just so happens that our minimum monthly amount of time is 10 hours, this means for each new client we make a minimum of £500 per month.

Choose your angle

You need to select an angle that will be attractive to your list of targets, good examples of this are if your clients site has a unique way of doing things (a recent client was a travel agent who allowed their customers to “bid” on a holiday). You need to either use an angle they already have or create an angle for them.

This gives us an idea of where to begin our search, my angle for the client above was “the ebay of travel”. Attractive right?

Build your search string

Now who are my targets for links? Travel bloggers!

How will I approach them? Email then follow up by phone!

How do I find them? I type “travel” blog inurl:links –expedia

This is a simple search string that looks for any site with travel used in it, it will probably say blog somewhere (but doesn’t have to), it has a links page and is not on expedia. You can use your own initiative to play around with this, I have also listed some more in the pdf at the bottom of this post.

Or use this handy free tool from buzzstream

how to start an seo agency

Simply fill in the 8 fields and you will be presented with a set of search strings to use, things such as guest post opportunities, directory sites in your industry and a whole lot of other queries, either way if you don’t understand what I said above or are too lazy to put them into practice then these queries should be worth a couple of thousand nice link targets, read this as “a years worth of getting paid”

Put them into Link Prospector


Once we have a few of these “operators” we will put them into link prospector and let it do it’s thing, I find that 5 operators often brings about 1000-2000 potential link targets, this is more than enough for any campaign.

You will want to click create new campaign

How to start an SEO agency - create new campaign

Then find prospects

find prospects

You then enter a name for your report, and click on “links pages” from the drop down, there are loads of options here and feel free to experiment with them but for the sake of this report I’m showing you how to build links pages links.

report type

You can see additional options that you should familiarize yourself with, this is good for if you are trying to rank a local site etc etc
advanced options

You are then free to put in your research phases so head back over to  buzzstream and choose 5 from that huge list and add “inurl:links” (or anything else that somebody might name a page to put links on, some examples are listed below) to them here

Find Prospects_Link Prospector_20130901-233914

Click submit and wait for your report to generate, this can take a few minutes depending on what parameters you have in place, there are some much more advanced options available in link propspector and that guide will be coming soon, for now this is about building this 1 specific link.

As you can see this campaign has produced 2101 results of course they are absolutely useless as the search terms mean nothing, there are also some excluded results, this is because I have some results filtered out of all of my campaigns because I will never ever get a link from them, this is sites like Wikipedia etc etc

Link Prospector_test Prospects_20130901-234801

Tap that export paths button and it’ll give you a nice csv file, we are now done with link prospector for now.

Put our targets into Buzzstream


When link prospector has done it’s job, it can take a few minutes depending on the number of targets it finds for you, we then export it as a csv and throw it into buzzstream.

First things first, you need to enable projects, this is very important when managing multiple clients go into your settings menu and make sure you select manage projects and then enable projects. This allows you to split up your uploaded link opportunities into projects rather than use the default option, which is just a massive pile of links in alphabetical order.

manage projects

Now that that is set up, set up a new project and select it from the top left drop down menu, then hit “websites” “add websites” “import from existing file”.

You then have a list of different vendors who are compatible here, obviously we have used citation labs, so click it.

We exported paths right? So select that option and upload your csv file that we downloaded earlier.


Once this is done, you will have all of the contact info for each and every one of those lovely prospects, click on the view in buzzbar option. This will allow you to go through each of the targets we have found and see if they are suitable to be contacted for a link.

The criteria to look for in a link target

They are not in competition with you (your competition will not link to you)

The PA is over 30 (my minimum is 50 but these are much harder to get, 30 will be more than enough to improve your clients rank)

It looks like a well-kept personal site (these are less likely to ask for money)

Contact them

You send them a personal email, in the first instance we need to approach 10 people, we will then base our next step on the responses we get, I have never failed to get at least 1 link from 10 approaches using the swipe at the bottom of this post. Edit it so that it suits your needs and send it to those first lucky 10.

The next step is to see how many have replied and been positive and make adjustments and send to 30 more, this is enough for each week. (SNEAKY MOFO TIP: put your phone number at the bottom of your outreach emails, this adds authority/professionalism to your email and will improve your response rate by a shit ton).

If after a week you haven’t heard back from these people then, if you can find their contact info give them a cheeky call and ask politely for a link. This improves link success rate by around 100%. OH MY!

To track what you are doing, you need to keep a spreadsheet updated with who you have contacted and what their response was. There is a sample at the bottom of this post. If you aren’t using a spreadsheet you’re going to get lost, trust me on this.

Mozbar (our new best mate)

Our best friend from now on is the moz bar, for every single search you do, you should be looking at the PA and DA of the front page, generally if both of these are below that of your site then you’re going to rank fairly quickly.  You should also be keeping an eye out for potential link partners, will this site link to you? You can keep track of these using the buzzmarker which will add the site to your buzzstream list of targets.

Get some people to give you money

The aim is to get 3-4 clients in month 1, which is not difficult and then to add 1-2 new clients each month from then on.

We ourselves will be doing the manual outreach ourselves, for around 5 hours per month per client, broken links and guest posting is grunt work so we will be paying somebody in India or Ukraine to do for us for around $5 per hour. When you’re being paid £50 per hour then this $5 is a drop in the ocean. You’re making a shit load of profit for sitting around on your arse.

Okay so where will you find clients, this is very easy to do and there are tons of ways to do this, by far the easiest way is to wait for people to come to you, but that isn’t an option yet, the next easiest way is to use freelance sites.

This is what I did for this case study, I used the sites and, I now make around £3100 per month from this and don’t plan on making any more as the experiment is over.

Freelance sites are your new honey pot

You simply sign up to these sites, fill out a nice profile and start applying for jobs using my swipe file, your superior application, method of doing things and some other sneaky psychological tricks included in the job proposal will get you a lot of jobs. Some people will try to negotiate with you, fuck them, if they want results, they will pay your price to get them.

Although I charge £50 per hour I have a lot of experience to backup my claims and I can show results if required, I recommend you new guys start at somewhere around £20-30 per hour, this is still money for nothing and by the time we are through month 1 you should have some nice results so that you can raise your price.

The hardest part about this is waiting for the right job to be advertised, most of them will be something like “I want first page Google for £50” forget these ones, we want people who know how much SEO is worth and know that paying you this much is an investment. We will get them results but we will do it on our terms for our price.

Now this should be the part where I say that “white hat wooly woop dawg” but in reality if you don’t have 8-12 months to provide results then a pure white hat method is not gonna do it for you. Most clients leave after 3 months if they are not receiving a decent ROI.

“Don’t expect Matt Cutts/MOZ to show you how to rank in Google, that would be like asking a guy how to get into his sisters pants”

So now I propose that we go a little “grey” and buy a couple of links, not many but enough to get you a cheeky little boost in results. If you do this in week 1 on average it buys you 5 extra months to show an ROI. so we’re gonna go out and spent some of the money you have just made on either the beginnings of a blog network or on buying some links (guide on doing this coming soon).

If we buy something like 10 sites or 10 links then we will show them results, I truly believe that this as close to white hat as you can get while still delivering results. If your client is coming from a strong position then outreach only may be the way to go but for most of the people who advertise their jobs on freelance sites will need the extra boost.

Set a consulting day so you don’t spend your whole life answering your phone to clients

Wednesdays is consulting day, you do no work but this is the only day that your clients may contact you, any other time and they are interrupting your work. This is to be explained to them once they have made their first payment, for the first few weeks they will call you each Wednesday but this will stop over time as they start to trust that you know your shit, which you do because I do and you can ask me if you have any problems.

Okay so that takes care of post number 1 and it should be enough to get you started, just look at the stats, it got me going in 2 days and within 2 weeks I have a nice recurring £3100 with virtually no work to do.


Here are the goodies, click the button below and you will get:

1) your swipe files to recreate my exact process
2) checklist to make sure you have everything done consistently
3) a template for creating article summaries that you can hand to any writer to create articles for you outreach
4) questionnaire to determine the exact type of content you should be creating

Get the time saving, badass campaign making goodies!

And that kids, is how to start an SEO agency. On our next exciting episode, I’ll discuss how to outsource the stuff that isn’t really worth your time… primarily guest posting and broken link building, I’ll throw in some tutorials too to help you out if you don’t want to outsource. Love, hugs, kisses and other stuff, Dan P.s. Please share this post in any social media you’re involved in or on any forums where you think it might be useful. The more traffic I get here the more motivated I will be to write more money making shit for you!

(NOTE: Want to create a proven,consistent traffic and SEO strategy (that you can sell for at least £300 to your clients) by filling in some blanks on my template? Yeah… it’s that easy! Get my Traffic Strategy Mini Product here)

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  1. How does £3,100 per month for working 5 hours per week sound to you? – sounds like Bullshit to me.

    This is the biggest load of gibberish i have read in ages.

    • Hi Pete,

      Thank you for your delightful input, why don’t you go ahead and try it out, go to elance find 12 jobs that you like the look of and send them my swipe, it will take you about an hour at the most, then come back and tell everyone how much bullshit it is.

      Love, hugs and kisses,

    • They should be inside the social locker at the bottom of the post, you share on fb or twitter and they are presented to you, if not send me an email and I’ll send them to you.

  2. Hey there Dan,

    I left you a message about further questions and assistance on this guide.

    Please let me know if you got my message.


  3. Hi man,

    You have a “Here are the goodies, your swipe files to recreate my exact process” but I dont see the files or a way to download them anywhere?

    • Hi,

      There should be some social options that when you click them it reveals the “goodies”.

      If you’re still having trouble contact me at and I’ll send the files over to you.

  4. Hi Dan,

    I am going to do a case study on this case study, ha . My plan is to document every step of the way and write a detailed article on just how well this plan works, and post it on a site I will build in the near future. Hopefully in a couple weeks, when I am finished, you can link to my article as a testimonial.
    Thanks a bunch for the info.


    • Cheers Jaydan,

      Be sure to look out for part 2 next week and let me know when your article is done via email and I’ll happily link out to it for you.


  5. Very interesting concept Dan, keen to read your next post!

    Jaydan, I am planning to make Dan’s report into an article \ checklist for my own use – might be a good idea to do a swap once completed?!



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  7. Hi Dan

    I read this guide and I’m keen to get started using your method but I can’t get access to the swipes. I shared the link using facebook but the swipes were still not unlocked. Please help. Can you email them to me? I would love to get started on this.


  8. Brilliant post. What do you recommend as far as buying links? Do you have someone in mind? There’s just so much out there to choose from.

    Interested also in hearing about a link network and outsourcing. I’ve signed up for Guru and elance, already bid on a couple jobs. Trying to find the jobs that aren’t requiring proof of ranking using this method.

    This is very good stuff.

    • Hey Dusty,

      You have to be very careful when buying links, VERY CAREFUL!

      I’d say in the long run it’s better to invest in your own network but if you can’t afford that investment right now, I’d look for some very careful aites and offer them some money rather than buying from a network or anything. Although I’m currently trying out some stuff from backlinks4u which looks promising.

      When selecting where to place links think of these things and you can’t really go wrong:
      Low number of outbound links, I’d try to be the only links where possible.
      Traffic, where possible try to place a link where it will drive traffic and not just “link juice”.

      Keep an eye out for my network guide coming soon, you can get one up and running for around $100 the way I’m doing it right now!

      • Hey Dan,
        I went to Elance and applied to ~20 jobs using the swipe filed adjusted to my scenario, but nothing. Nothing. And I was very selective about which jobs I applied to. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but will keep at it. I suspect it’s a numbers game.

        Did you ever get a chance to write about a network guide? Sounds promising.

        • and of course within hours after I write the above, I got an inquiry from someone about my services…on elance. 🙂

        • Hey Dusty,

          Sorry to hear that mate, keep at it, honestly, if my exact swipes don’t work for you try altering them a little to fit what you’re doing better, this all works, it was a case study so the proof is in the pudding, there isn’t really a whole lot more testing I can do.

          I can only try something and then tell you guys how it works.

          Keep at it mate.

          And yes the network guide is done, I am actually in hospital at the moment, I’ve done a lot of the writing but don’t really have the internet access to grab the images and upload anything until I get out, should be up soon, have 3 articles ready to go as soon as I can get some wifi.

  9. Yes agreed I think it is a very good post full of actionable points.

    But the problem is all the jobs I think worth bidding on are always asking for proof of rankings for current/previous clients and of course as I’m just starting I have no clients and no track record. So that’s a problem I’m not sure how to overcome. Dan clearly has an impressive track record he can demonstrate to potential clients so doesn’t encounter this problem.

    Further, I am also wanting to know where Dan recommends buying links from in order to achieve those initial rankings boost?

    I think this guide is better than 95% of the paid seo start up guides out there. So will you be producing a part 2 as you indicated you would?

    Care to provide advice on the above 3 points Dan? It would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Joe,

      First off when clients ask for proof of ranking, that’s all that they want, proof that you can get a website to the top of traffic generating keyword searches. This doesn’t need to be a clients site 😉

      Start your own site, rank it and then you have their proof. You’ll rank your own site in no time with this method.

      Look at the answer above for buying links, but be very careful with it, just get 1 or 2 and alongside this method that should make a very nice link profile.

      Yes part 2 is coming up in the next few days, I’ve been struggling with a kidney infection the last few weeks so am a little behind
      but I have 2 new guides coming out very very soon, part 2 of this and my network guide.

      • (Sorry to hear bout your kidney infection)

        Thanks for the reply. Will look to get on with what I can.

        Looking forward to your upcoming guides.

  10. All of what this guy says is true, possibly more than 5 hours work unless your a pro though lol and the most important part the link network will cost quite a bit using or new ones then building links to them before they can be used for linking to clients – very helpful post – quite a lot of the link research can be done using scrapebox its a one off lifetime fee and seo moz bar is free for getting page authority and domian authority – you just got another subscriber 🙂

    • Try refreshing the page after you have shared, if they still don’t show up, send me an email and I’ll send them over to you!

  11. Hi Dan,

    Nice post that you’ve got, but wanted to know all the stuffs that you do that get you around 5-6 clients on a monthly basis, is this scalable, can we get around 20-25 high paying clients by using your strategy, please help…


    • Hi Praveen,

      There will always be a certain amount of churn (people leaving and new people coming on board), this method is completely scaleable, if you send the applications you will get the clients, altough lately people have been telling me that the job app swipe is not as effective as it used to be, this could be from over saturation, so try mixing it up a bit.

      The only thing I would look at is that 25 clients if you are a one man band is a lot of work, so I’d look at outsourcing certain areas that you can.

  12. Hello Dan.
    This is crazy. Getting such amount for just 5 hours/week work is really so amazing and it will be enough to live the kind of life you want.

    I will have to check this concept out and see how it goes.

    Thanks for sharing.

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