Hi, my name is dan ray.
(this is also my chat up line by the way)

Who I am

I’m primarily a link builder, I have built an extremely successful business selling this as a productised service (and only this).

I no longer work with clients on a paid basis unless it’s an extremely interesting project, I choose to concentrate on training others to do the things that I do effectively.

I don’t know everything about everything, but I know a little bit about some things, primarily:

  • Link building
  • Selling services
  • Systemising business processes
  • If you want to know some more about me then take a look at my “core story“ (the video is at the bottom of this page).

Everything I write will be based on these 3 things, no fluff, no bullshit, no theory, just information based on experience and backed up by statistics with evidence.

Just things that I do for myself and my clients on a daily basis.

You should probably be aware that I swear a lot in both my writing and in my videos, so be prepared for that.

My Aim with this site

One core philosophy, provide the absolute best service for your clients with the minimum amount of effort from yourself.

I believe in doing the basics well and consistently before systemising and delegating them.

Minimalism is a core concept within my life and this runs through my business and my teachings, so I try to simplify and minimise the fulfillment of the services that I provide by implementing solid and scalable systems.

I want to help others to implement these philosophies and methods into their own businesses.


I’ll teach you to run a business with less stress and provide you with the finest resources on systemising it to make more money. No theory, just fact!

Interested in finding out more?

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