28 Days To SEO Excellence


This book is ESSENTIAL to anybody running SEO campaigns, I will show you how to perform in the first month to a level that rivals top SEO agencies.

This is an easy to understand set of instructions on how to implement the most important aspects of any campaign, split into days so that you will know exactly what to do (in detail) each day of the first month.


7 reasons to buy this book today…

1. Easy to follow step by step layout

Simply go through the book and do as it says for each day to create and run campaigns as well as some of the biggest agencies in the UK.
2. Detailed instructions on how to perform each individual task

I take you by the hand and literally walk you through each daily task, some days contain more than one task but all are easily achievable in the time frame given.

3. Audit your clients sites

The most thorough technical audit you will ever see online, this will uncover any and all problems that is stopping a site from ranking as well as it could. Covering both on-page and off-page factors.

And I will walk you through how to do it, and even show you a completed audit for your reference.

4. Keyword/Content/Competition Research

90% of any SEO campaign is in the research, if you are well prepared and have a solid strategy, I can almost guarantee success.

I will show you how to perform research on keywords to target, content to create and your competition.

If you have these 3 things covered then your campaign WILL succeed.

5. Creating your Strategy

With the research in place, I will show you exactly how to leverage what you know into a strategy that will attract both backlinks and traffic to your site.

This includes advanced strategy lessons based on coming up with a sellable angle on which to base your content.

I will also show you how to have your content created and implement the strategies that you have created.

6. Planning your schedule

I will show you exactly how to plan your SEO activities (with examples) on a monthly basis, so that you can wake up in the morning and know exactly what needs to be done that day.

Do you need to have you content completed that day?

Do you have a phone meeting with the client to keep him happy?

Is it time to follow up with the people you have not heard back from?

7. Implementation

This is the real meat of the book, I tell you exactly how to:
Create a list of targets (places where you would like your link to appear)
Create an outreach message that will get these people to listen to you
Turn a no into yes for valuable link placements
Leverage what you already have to outrank the competition

This section is the “doing” part of the book. And likely the thing that will set you apart from your competition.

This book is designed for you one thing, to put you on the level of agencies that charge thousands in fees each month, in most cases you will be outperforming these agencies.

You need this book if you are working on one site, or a hundred, it takes all of the guesswork out of what we do, as I have done it for you.

You simply need to wake up each day, and perform that days tasks to the best of your ability.

You will be rewarded with both BACKLINKS and TRAFFIC, which in turn will raise your search rankings!

Simply put, “this book will dramatically increase the quality of work that you do in the first month of and SEO campaign”.



Of course I offer a no questions money back guarantee, if you buy it and don’t like it, just tell me, and I’ll refund you