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How to decide what types of links to build for your clients

By Dan

In this video I explain the 2 categories of links, the most effective versions of each link and how to choose between them. 1 for 1 value exchange: Guest post Reviews Sponsored posts 1 for many value exchange: Resource pages In content links Natural links The link in this video is:


[Video] 3 Steps to creating content that will get you 30-50 links per month

By Dan

Creating link worthy content, how I do and how you can hack it if you don’t have an enormous amount of expertise. The links and examples mentioned in the video: Cloud 9 have taken down their tool, but it was a set of questions aimed at women who needed to know what temperature […]


How to get guest posts FOR DAYSSSSS!

By Dan

EDIT – Since the release of this article I have updated my free trial of my link building system which now contains all of the training in this article as well as the same exact level of training to build resource page links at scale, the idea is so that you can spend 5 hours and build […]