[Small Business Lead Generation Case Study] How to generate £2000 in business in the next 24 hours using simple facebook funnels

When you know what you’re doing with facebook ads, in some industries it’s as easy as making your dinner, and we’re talking pot noodle here, not some overly complicated salmon dish.

I was approached by a guy who didn’t have much money, his business was on it’s knees and he was taking on such small jobs just to pay the bills that I thought I’d help him out, in exchange I would be able to use his stats etc for a case study, that’s what you’re reading now.

I hear a lot that sending traffic direct to a sales page doesn’t work anymore, well… check this out…

This is my…

Small Business Lead Generation Case Study

So the industry…. Wedding musician, specifically he is a pianist.

What you will learn

  • How to target your exact target audience
  • Set up a simple high converting landing page
  • Ensure leads are high quality
  • Make sure you are there when they need you

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Super Bad Ass Guide To Creating A Network Of Sites That Will Rank The Shit Out Of Your Clients

NOTE: While this method is still effective, I no longer endorse the use of private networks. If you decide to go ahead then please get your clients permission before hand.

Why You Need Your Own Network:

Any SEO these days, whether they are an agency, a freelancer, they build niche sites, run linking campaigns or does content marketing needs to have control of their own network, the fact is that it is the single most effective way to rank a site.

The reason for this is that Google uses 1 real form of currency, links, all of the on-page factors, site structure, authorship and social signals etc etc are all well and good, but your backlink profile accounts for something like 78% of your ranking. (this might be slightly inaccurate but it’s a high number regardless)

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Hustle – One of my favourite ever posts recreated!

This article is based on one that I read a while ago, I recently noticed that it is no longer live so here is my own version of it. The basic premise is on why “hustle” is so important in your link building efforts, it is essential and the reason why you lazy link builders will be looking for work in a few months. A quote from the original article over on Carson Content… all credit to @mrjamescarson for this strategy whose content I used to adore before it vanished.

“It’s all very well saying, ‘You gotta have hustle’ and ‘I’ve got hustle’ but if you don’t know how to apply your hustler instincts to any process, you’ll be hustling in all the wrong places, doing loads of hustling and getting nowhere.”

It is basically a 12 step process/story from a link building outreach campaign, the reason I have decided to recreate this article is because it happened to me almost exactly the same as the original story, including the rejection and how it got overturned, statistics were also almost exactly the same except on a slightly smaller scale as my client was not as big as his.

The following is the story of my unbelievable tekkers/good hustle.

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Create An SEO Agency Part 2 – Outsourcing The Boring Time Consuming Bits (broken link building and guest posting)


Okay so now that you know how to get SEO jobs and how to do the “quality work”, I’m going to tell you how to get somebody do the dog work for you (for basically no money), for those of you cutie pies who find it difficult to trust people + you cheap asses I’ll also be showing you how to do it yourself…… OH MY!

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