[Video] 500 Links in 2 Years – Micro Site Link Building Strategy

So I thought I’d try my hand at video blogging rather a written piece, this is my first one, lots of improvements in terms of setup and being infront of the camera but they’ll get better as I make more.

This strategy is similar in setup to the darker arts of PBN’s (as in you have multiple site linking to your primary site) but building these sites as stand-alone authority websites that only link where contextually relevant, keeps them within Google’s TOS.

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How I completely Automate my Business – The Real 4 Hour Work Week

Ok so, I’m in the process of slimming down my agency, since the blog has taken off I have realised that I prefer writing this blog and talking to you lot rather than dealing with clients, so with that in mind the new plan is…

Keep promoting the blog until it’s income matches the income from my agency, then as soon as that happens, start culling my lesser paying/ most demanding of my time clients and just keep my favourites and the ones I would class as “elite” businesses.

This is why you have likely noticed an increased output if content, some new products offerings such as my consulting offer and my white hat link building course which will be released on May 1st, you can go ahead and join the waiting list right now and get a nice discount when it’s released).

I’ll also have my new automated sales funnel mini product available when I have some time, but the link building course will take priority until it’s Romeo Dunn!

So the minute this blog hits £60k in a single month, I’m gonna start slowly shutting the agency down, I’ll probably send my clients to the guys who have taken my consulting and show that they can deliver on what I teach them (looking at you Amit!!!).

But with that in mind I figure I don’t need to keep the way I do things a secret anymore, so without further ado…. HERE IS MY ENTIRE BUSINESS ON ONE PAGE.

So what will I show you:

  • The people you need to hire to imitate my success
  • The documents I provide and the tools I use
  • Exactly what to teach them
  • Everybody’s role within the link building process
  • My project management system (this is the heart and soul of my business, it’s taken me nearly 8 years to get it to the point it is at now, and it’s pretty fucking swish, yet unbelievably simple (even if I do say so myself)
  • How to report everything to your client in real time

It’s important to note at this point that this isn’t all required to be outsourced, back in the day I used to do all of this myself, very successfully I might add.

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Broken Link Building Guide – How to get 250+ Links in a couple of hours work…. OH MY!

So chicka chicka check this….

I’m gonna show you how to get 50 links per month, for absolutely any website in the entire world. These links will be both extremely relevant to your subject area as well as being authoritative…. OH MY!

You think that will help out your referral traffic? erm… yah it will. You think your organic rankings will rise each and every month? erm…. YAH!!!!!

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Super Bad Ass Guide To Creating A Network Of Sites That Will Rank The Shit Out Of Your Clients

NOTE: While this method is still effective, I no longer endorse the use of private networks. If you decide to go ahead then please get your clients permission before hand.

Why You Need Your Own Network:

Any SEO these days, whether they are an agency, a freelancer, they build niche sites, run linking campaigns or does content marketing needs to have control of their own network, the fact is that it is the single most effective way to rank a site.

The reason for this is that Google uses 1 real form of currency, links, all of the on-page factors, site structure, authorship and social signals etc etc are all well and good, but your backlink profile accounts for something like 78% of your ranking. (this might be slightly inaccurate but it’s a high number regardless)

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