Why I don’t offer discounts HINT: it’s for your benefit

I keep getting emails asking me for discounts, here’s why you shouldn’t and how to get to a point where you won’t need to.

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How to get guest posts FOR DAYSSSSS!

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[case study] How to increase conversion rate of ANY site by 30% almost overnight using facebook retargeting options – £20,000 ROI on £3,000 ad spend

I’m guessing that at this point a lot of you have websites, or access to clients sites, and those websites sell some kind of product or service, well what would you say if I could help you increase conversion rate and increase sales and it would only take you a day?

Well… I can, and this article will show you exactly how I do it, and how you can recreate it, all the while either increasing your own income or allowing you to charge £500+ per month per client to do so (I generally get between £750-£1000).

So yet again.. Alas… here is my guide on:

How to raise conversions on ANY site by 30% overnight

It takes around 30-40 minutes to set up and will start generating results almost immediately, I generally leave it 24 hours before I check and there are ALWAYS conversions.

Now this method works best with sites that already have traffic coming in, but YOU NEED TO HAVE RETARGETING CODES INSTALLED FOR AT LEAST 1 NETWORK ON EVERY SINGLE SITE YOU HAVE ACCESS TO!

Here look – this is a screenshot of a new client of mine, the retargeting code was added 32 days ago and the results are already clear to see, in 31 days they have made 132 new sales, with an average profit per sale of £150(ish). The traffic to their site was nearly 10,700 visitors in this time. Averaging a conversion cost of just about £21. They have spent a total of nearly £2,800.
Not too bad going is it.

That’s £19,800 in sales from less than £3,000 spend. Simply from utilising their existing traffic

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[Small Business Lead Generation Case Study] How to generate £2000 in business in the next 24 hours using simple facebook funnels

When you know what you’re doing with facebook ads, in some industries it’s as easy as making your dinner, and we’re talking pot noodle here, not some overly complicated salmon dish.

I was approached by a guy who didn’t have much money, his business was on it’s knees and he was taking on such small jobs just to pay the bills that I thought I’d help him out, in exchange I would be able to use his stats etc for a case study, that’s what you’re reading now.

I hear a lot that sending traffic direct to a sales page doesn’t work anymore, well… check this out…

This is my…

Small Business Lead Generation Case Study

So the industry…. Wedding musician, specifically he is a pianist.

What you will learn

  • How to target your exact target audience
  • Set up a simple high converting landing page
  • Ensure leads are high quality
  • Make sure you are there when they need you

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