Dans Privacy Policy

Ok check this, GDPR is a gonna be a bitch at some point, to somebody, probably much bigger than I am.

So here is my interpretation of what ya’ll need to know:


I’m gonna make this shit quick and easy to understand while salting it with that Dan Ray flava…

What’s the “quick maths”?

I’m a one-man band, as things stand today, nobody has access to your data except me, I’m the only admin, I run my own FB and Google ads so nobody but me has access to your data.

I also don’t really 2 shits about stealing your identity, mine is probably better anyway.

The only reason I even need any of your data is so that you can consume whatever I am providing you, be it free stuff, stuff you’ve bought or stuff that you might want in the future (free or paid).

The primary purposes of this site are to:

  • show you some shit that I know
  • prove that I know it by showing you that I actually did it
  • then maybe sell you something at some stage down the line so you can do it too (or something similar)
  • I’ll most likely want you to check out some of the social media magic I make to do those things

Do I use cookies?

Fuck yeah I do, all the good websites do. I use them to make the shit that you’re here to see, work properly and so you can see it fast, pretty and more of it in the future, nothing dodgy or shady. I’m not a Liverpool fan 😉

Do I track you?

Uh huh, for a couple of reasons:

  1. So I can use Google Analytics, which I find super useful to see what pages you view, how you knew that page existed, and what you did after (I have to know what you guys like so that I can make more of it).
  2. I use a Facebook pixel and a Google adwords pixel so that I can sell you stuff on other websites that you visit, these are both installed through Google tag manager, that doesn’t do anything, but this is all about disclosure right? These pixels mean I can be more targeted with my ads, and means you should only see things from me that you have already expressed an interest in.
  3. Those of you that have set up accounts, I track all of the pages you visit in the backend, not personally but my robot slaves do, so they can send you progress reports on all of the courses or systems you are working on.

Your information

Do I store it? if you register yes, if you don’t then I don’t. Facebook and Google likely know your IP address and store it on my behalf, but I wouldn’t even know what to do with it if I had it.

When you register on the site, all the shit you put in, I have that and it’s stored in the database, at any time you can login and delete your account and BOOM, as if by some form of slut magic, it’s gone, like a lady of the night in the morning when you wake up.

If you buy something, I don’t store any of your payment details, this is all handled by third parties, usually Gumroad or Paypal, who have their security shit in order. But I don’t store anything, nor do I ever even see it. If you don’t want your details stored you need to talk to those guys and close your account.

When you buy or download something, I usually add you to a mailing list that talks about that thing, to help you get the most of the “thing”. To make this compatible with this GDPR nonsense, I have a file (stored in Google Drive) containing the date and page that you signed up on. This is because I moved autoresponders, from Aweber to Drip, so had to move your information across, the new system doesn’t store where you signed up, and by law, I have to have it, so if you don’t want me to store this, simply email me and I’ll get rid IMMEDIATELY (this is a private joke that you should as me about sometime).

I sign you up to the mailing lists using zapier attached to both Paypal and Gumroad, zapier is like a cool little guy that takes your information from one place and runs it over to the new place, this is what happens, you buy on Paypal, zapier takes your info and gives it to Drip, so I can send you the gooooood stuffffff.

So what do I do with it? 

If you visit a specific page that talks about something, lead generation, for example, I’ll usually show you ads that talk more about lead gen, maybe show you a product I have for example. I have no idea why I used this as an example as that isn’t a product that I have available, but fuck it dooode.

If you don’t want me to have your info anymore

If you don’t want me to have your info, then I don’t want your info, it’s not me, it’s you, I was gonna dump you anyway.

You have 2 routes to getting rid of it, you can login to your account on this site and simply delete, I won’t store anything beyond that, alternatively you can let a brother know and I’ll have to do it manually, more work for me but whatever works for you right?

Obviously as I mentioned above, I don’t control what the other sites do and I can’t delete it, so you’ll have to cancel Gumroad/Paypal too.

Here’s a link to a more in depth and boring version of this same shit