Free things

You might not trust me enough to give me money yet, so here are some free things to demonstrate the level of training that I provide, you should be able to use either or both of these things to begi your journey to financial freedom.

You’ll find one that will show you a simple way to get clients, and the other will show you how to build a base level of links to your site.

Free client getting system (cold email method)

This is quite time intensive butwill absolutely get you clients, you should have a service to offer before you starr doing this.

Quite a straightforward process bit will take some time and experience to get used to how everything works.

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Free link building system

This is designed to demonstrate that you can build links, will they be the best in the world? probably not, will they harm your site? nah.

But if you can follow a set of instructions then you can build 10 solid links in 5 hours of work!

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