How to create a £10k per month lead generation business 1/2

By Dan



– Well, hello, motherfuckers. First hot day in England for a long, long time so I figured I’d use the natural light and do a live video. I’ve never done one of these live before so let’s see how it works out. Okay. So, this is the big-ass 10k per month PPL slash site rental getting leads, part one. The reason I say it’s part one, getting leads, is because there are two aspects to this. One is the actual creation, the ability to get leads for people. The second is actually selling it to people. The second one’s pretty fucking hard. You’ll have to watch the video but I don’t personally love this model which is why I don’t do it. I have done it in the past, there’s some examples I’ll show you in a little while but that’s how it goes. So I’m gonna give you a really basic overview of how to make any of this shit work, right? So traffic plus conversion rate optimization, CRO, plus calibration equals leads and I’ve given you some examples of places to learn those things. So me for traffic, just as an example, if you want to SEO or some minor paid things, Nick, I wanna say Disabato, don’t know how to say his name, runs a really cool conversion optimization newsletter which I pay for. It comes out once a week. it’s called I want to say it’s called Revise Weekly but I’m not entirely sure. And calibration, I teach this but you’re generally gonna have to do this yourself. If you want to have an idea of what this kind of thing is and how to look at it you want to see cal for calibration. Sweet, so if you can master this you can pretty much sell anything on the internet. If you can get traffic to something, you can convert that traffic, and you can calibrate based on data and results you’ll get leads for absolutely anything. That’s the end of the video, and I’ll see you all later. Nah, fuck me Okay. You have to know your numbers. That’s one of the most important things when selling shit like this. So you need to actually sell some questions kind of like, how many visits equals a lead. How much traffic do you have to buy? Say you’re doing FB ads, that’s Facebook, if you’re doing Facebook ads, how many people do you need to send to your page for them to fill in all, whatever your conversion thing is? Because the second question is, how much does a lead cost? How much are you paying for that traffic? How much are you paying for that traffic that you need to get a lead? And then how much can you sell a lead for? If you can’t sell a lead for more than you’re buying it for get out of the fucking business, it’s stupid right. So this is why I’m gonna go into this in the next video but, I like to target people who can make my entire cost, my entire monthly cost, off one sale. It sounds hard to do, well there are a fuck-load of these things that nobody else is targeting I’ll give you some examples in the next video and obviously that needs to be, the price you can sell a lead for needs to be higher than the price you can buy a lead for. Makes fucking sense right? I will get to your, I can see some comments coming in, I will get to them but I’m just gonna run through this first and I’ll answer them afterwards. Choosing the correct model is the way to do success and who are you selling to, we’ll get into this in part two, just because it’s a, it’s the type of thing where it’s not as common sense as you think because most people have a natural consumer mindset so you’re thinking who do I buy from? B to B is a completely different mindset and I’ll talk about that in the next video. Okay, there are four variations of this model and there are probably more but these are the four that came up when I was planning this. Selling leads directly, so it’s like, a lead costs 10 pounds for example, every lead I send you, you pay me 10 grand. You can rent a site. So if you’re getting, I don’t know, 15 leads a week from a site, you can just say, we’re generating 15 leads do you want to rent the site? And then every lead either below or above that, they’re all yours. You can rent pages on your sites. Say your site is focused on different locations. So, London, Manchester, Leeds for example. A London business will buy the London one, et cetera, et cetera. Another one is percentage of sales. We’ve just seen a post like this in the group where it’s like, you get a part of the business or a percentage of sales. The reason I don’t like this one is simply because you’re not in control. You’re sending the leads, but you’re not in control of the sales process. So who do they talk to once they become a lead? How good are they at closing leads and stuff like that. You can’t control any of that so I don’t like to work on this thing. Many many people every week offer me fucking percentage thing they say, I’ll bring you leads whatever, they want me to be like the fulfilment for their SEO agency. Turned down flat. My mouth is very dry today. So essentially, the gold here is to find a working model and replicate it. This sort of model, it’s gonna be different in different industries, different formats, we’ll get into that in a little while, but some things that you’ll need. Traffic, obviously. A landing page and an auto-responder. So that’s just the traffic goes to the landing page. Those people are then contacted via an auto-responder. A good offer, ’cause no one’s gonna buy something that’s shit. Generally you’ll need a domain, to host your landing pages or whatever. I like call tracking, so I’ll buy a geo-targeted number so it records the calls so you can then go back and check if, like some people complain like, the lead was shit or it wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t high enough quality, what you want to do is, make sure you have the recordings of these calls so you can listen back and you can say, actually they were genuinely interested and you fucked it up. It’s just good to have that kind of thing on the back-burner. You’ll probably need some hosting if you’re doing it this way. There we go. Just ’cause you need to host your domain obviously. Or you could fuck all of that stuff and just have traffic and ClickFunnels. This is where all the smart marketers would have a ClickFunnels affiliate code because they make millions of pounds doing that but I don’t have one, so fuck it Right, so I think we’re done with that side now. Over here. I’m gonna show you two examples of funnels. I’m not gonna show you the actual examples but explain to the examples and give you some ways that I’ve used them and what kind of leads were generated for people. Is anyone watching? Couple, couple of comments too. I’ll get to the comments after I’ve finished the video. So, I’ve just split out the funnel into the basic concepts here. Traffic, step one, landing page, email lists and retargeting, to actually send the offer, and an actual offer itself. If you have all those things you’re gonna be pretty much good. I’ve used this kind of funnel for a bathroom installation site. I used a site rental model for this. So bathroom installation in Leeds, whatever, and then sold it, rented the site and eventually sold it. Boiler repair and replacements. So I have a friend who does it, just to help him out a little bit we set him up with this kind of funnel. He’s making thousands of pounds every day now ’cause he just hired a guy, he’s gonna do all of his work for him. So now he has leads and automation, so it doesn’t work anymore. What up Dan? He’s not in the group so he won’t see that. And a restaurant directory. This is something I don’t talk about very often but I used to, run a directory thing. It was like the best restaurants in Leeds and people would pay me to be one of the premium advertised ones on it. Traffic came in millions of ways, so leaflets in hotels, I even bought a QR code on the bus, but that was deemed illegal because they didn’t want people scanning shit when they’re driving in their car or whatever. The idea was to target people who were in Leeds as tourists and get them to go to restaurants. ‘Cause everyone’s just like, where do I go to eat? ‘Cause there’s fuck-loads of restaurants in Leeds. I put my leaflets, paid hotels to let me put leaflets in them and then every one of those people downloaded the app. It wasn’t really an app, it was more like a web app. So it wasn’t like an iPhone, whatever. This is something that, this is the second type of funnel now. It’s a little more specific. You have to have a very, very specific target in mind. So I’m gonna show you an example for a personal trainer targeting new moms. This was like, most of the people who were interested especially in January, of losing weight, having a personal trainer, going to bootcamps, shit like that, people who’ve recently had babies, they’re also really easy to target on Facebook so I chose them. What you do is, you say, you have a little video out. Video is important here because they’re so cheap in terms of views and getting your face out there. Get X for free. So this is your first offer. Get whatever it is for free. So this was like a, come to the mommy baby belly bootcamp, or some shit like that. Just like a group training thing. Once they click on the ad, they come to a landing page where you talk their email, name and number, whatever information you want. If they leave all that shit they then go to a thank you page and this is quite important, it’s quite powerful. Offer X, which is a second thing that seemed valuable, if they call you immediately. So right now you have their information, but to actually get them to call you is invaluable. Something else, it’s like get your first individual premium training session. So it’s like an hour just on your own, right? Get that for free if you call now. If you do that, you’ve generally got a client. This is what we’ve found from running this actual funnel. Everybody who lands on this page should be re-targeted via Facebook, AdWords, whatever networks you’re using, and also email them. But make sure the re-targets are video ads because again, super super cheap. You’re looking at one or two P per view. If you know about Canvas, and you want to set one up, Canvas ads are fantastic because it keeps stuff in Facebook. It makes it even cheaper because Facebook don’t want people going to leave their ecosystem So if you can keep somebody on Facebook via a Canvas ad it’s fantastic because Canvas is just your, whatever your landing page is, but just hosted on Facebook. I use this for personal trainers, I just gave the example of targeting new moms. I use this exact same funnel for used car buyers. So it wasn’t like, people selling cars, it was people wanting to buy cars, and then they sell them at showrooms in person. And also, there’s quite a weird one. Motocross ignition systems. These things cost like, 30-40 quid to build but they sell them for 200-300 quid. The profit margins are huge. They can afford a lot of ads, especially if it’s video. And Motocross people are very very fucking easy to target. So I’ve underlined this over here ’cause it’s very fucking important. Find the angle. If you can find the angle to interest people in your video ads it’s a gold rush, it’s so easy to do. I’ve written down some traffic sources here, there are a bajillion more of them but some basic ones. Snapchat, which believe it or not still has some validity in the world. LinkedIn, never had success with LinkedIn but some people do. Facebook groups, you’ve seen this one but here I’m talking about local Facebook groups. So, where is he? The boiler replacement guy, his traffic came from these Facebook groups. So he’d go in and be like, get your boiler checked up for free this winter ’cause British Gas are charging a fortune to do it, he’ll do it for free. When he got there, he’ll be like, stick a sticker on the boilers, and be like, call me if it breaks. Every time a boiler broke, they go to check the boiler they see his number, call him straight away, and he’s got a 200-300 pound job. SEO, obviously. Instagram, fucking fantastic especially if you’re in these sort of industries like personal trainers and stuff like that. The better you look and the better you can make yourself look on Instagram, you’ll drive a fuck-load. I’m looking at doing a case study where I grow like 100,000 Instagram following, and see what the traffic’s like from it. Don’t quote me on that but I might try it. Sites like and there are loads of these things where it’s just, to find somebody specific to do whatever job you have. Facebook ads, YouTube, banner ads. I got several SEO clients once from a local web design, now what was it? There was a web design one, and there was, can’t remember what it was. This is specific trade but a forum dominated the SERPs and I just bought a banner ad on there. If you want more customers or whatever, it was to do with this sort of model. Just buy a banner ad on these sites that have your audience on them, no problems. Reddit is fucking fantastic but you have to be, you have to be okay with banter because you will get ripped to shreds on there. AdWords obviously. Thumbtack, people like that. If you find the angle, find the traffic source, give ’em a good offer, and that’s the crux of this model. We’ll get into how to make 10 grand from it in the next video which I might do tomorrow but I’ve had this written up here for 2-3 weeks and I’ve only just got to it so we’ll se how that goes. I’m not really looking forward to editing this one for YouTube because I feel like I didn’t look at the camera very much but fuck it, natural like, it’s how it is. Let’s see what the comments are like. See what da comment look like. This app I use no longer tells me the comments that people are making. It tells me that people are making comments but doesn’t actually show me them. So just gonna go on Facebook and have a look. Oh, there’s only one. Rick Dogmore, hi to you too. If you’ve got any questions about this leave ’em below. Tega as well, Tega howdy doody son. That’s it. I’m gonna try and edit this for YouTube now. Not looking forward to it ’cause I feel like it wasn’t my best but live video, sunshine, natural light, let it go. Right. On that note I will see you all, probably tomorrow. We’re doing Book Club tomorrow, if you want to read the first two chapters of A New Earth tonight, by Eckhart Tolle, 6 p.m. tomorrow, be there or you know, don’t be.