Paid things

If you trust me enough to spend some money, I am simplifying my offerings.

Below you will find 3 things:

The first things will help you to get clients, the second will help you to build links, and the third will give you both as well as plenty of other things, you can click on each item to read more specifically about each and to purchase.

Get started with client work

Do you want to sell digital marketing services without any skill or experience

I’ll show you exactly how to do that, quickly and easily.

This is not designed to make you rich, however it can do 3 things for you:

1) Proof of concept to show that my training can make you significant money

2) Get you out of a financial hole, if you need a significant amount of money quickly this one is for you

3) You can repeat this over and over to run a full time business

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Get started building links

In this video course I will show you exactly how to build links via manual outreach in a few minutes.

This is a do it alongside course, so the idea is that you watch a video, perform the steps and then move on to the next video.

By the end of the process you will have:

1) A list of free guest post opportunities in your chosen niche

2) A list of paid guest post opportunities in your chosen niche

3) A list of paid link insertion opportunities in your chosen niche

The videos are very short, actionable and follow along/over the shoulder.

I have also included advice on negotiating links after building your opportunity list as well as next steps to increase the quality and efficiency of the process that you have just learned.

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Learn everything that I know and get support in real time

<!– 2022 DCWD Framework! –>

So this is the final level, I think…

If you’re a beginner who is struggling to make money…

If you are experienced and looking to scale…

If you want to automate some of your processes…

If you want to start to move out of your service business and move into digital assets that provide a more passive form of income…

I got you!

For those of you who are looking to get started or if you need an influx of cash quickly, I have a course included here that is designed to make you around £1000 in a single day.

That should get you started or give you some breathing room if you are struggling financially.

Beyond that, the core concept of the group is:

1/ Learn a skill

2/ Learn outreach

3/ Get leads

4/ Charge £2k

5/ Get 5 clients

6/ Don’t ever leave home again

7/ Hire and train people to do the work for you

8/ Scale

Each and every step of the way is demonstrated live and over the shoulder, very little theory involved.

If you need to know something that isn’t included we have an option to request a lesson and if I can’t teach that thing I will find somebody who can to teach it to us.

The content is delivered via both a membership site and via discord for instant communication and community support.

Accountability is one of my core fundamental beliefs so it’s important that we have a community of people who support each other. 

We will have regular question and answer sessions to solve your issues in real time.

Also included are my previous premium products:

The link building field guide

How to actually do SEO – a scientific data driven approach

Link building with no skills or experience

The quick hustle – make £1000 today

10x10x10 system – build 100 links in a month

Cold email client getting system

And pretty much everything else I have ever released!

This year:

How to get clients using twitter

Ads and warm calling

Pr based links

HARO management

Unique emails fro ridiculous conversion rates

How to bring a magazine back from the dead

How to build and sell to a social media audience

Automating your entire client business

Case study – building digital assets

Buying and selling sites for profit

Business owner to business owner, a new way of doing business

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