[Small Business Lead Generation Case Study] How to generate £2000 in business in the next 24 hours using simple facebook funnels

By Dan

When you know what you’re doing with facebook ads, in some industries it’s as easy as making your dinner, and we’re talking pot noodle here, not some overly complicated salmon dish.

I was approached by a guy who didn’t have much money, his business was on it’s knees and he was taking on such small jobs just to pay the bills that I thought I’d help him out, in exchange I would be able to use his stats etc for a case study, that’s what you’re reading now.

I hear a lot that sending traffic direct to a sales page doesn’t work anymore, well… check this out…

This is my…

Small Business Lead Generation Case Study

So the industry…. Wedding musician, specifically he is a pianist.

What you will learn

  • How to target your exact target audience
  • Set up a simple high converting landing page
  • Ensure leads are high quality
  • Make sure you are there when they need you

5 steps to getting leads today

Probably the best way to go about this is just to show you the steps I followed, this took me a total of around 3 hours and has generated £2,000 in work for the client at a total cost to him of £300, £200 for my fee and £100 in ad costs.

You’ll see at the end, how that £200 turns into £1000 monthly for me.

Ok so 5 steps… READY… SET… GO…

  1. Create ads – I created 2 simple image ads 1200×628 pixels, one is simply a picture of the guys face smiling, the other is him playing piano.

Then I write 2 very headline (25 characters) and 2 basic bits of text (90 characters), the only aim of this part is to get people to click the ad, don’t worry about anything else.

I then mix the 2 images with the 2 headlines and 2 pieces of text for 6 total ads.

 You can also add another 200 character in the advanced section but it wasn’t necessary in this case.

  1. Targeting – I think people overcomplicate this, facebook allows you to be extremely specific, for this job I simply wanted to attract people who wanted a musician for their wedding, facebook allowed me to set the targeting as follow:
  • People in a relationship
  • People who were engaged within the last 12, 6 and 3 months (you can find this in the life events section of the “more demographics tab”) DAN RAY SUPER HINT: this tab is an absolute goldmine in these small markets, it even lets you target friends of people who have an anniversary soon, or people who are currently in a location that isn’t their home town.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 18.32.10.png

  • People in the location of the clients business area, his city +20km

I have toyed with people who are interested in wedding stuff too, but this didn’t make a difference to conversion rates, you can just type “wedding” into interests and all of the available interests concerning weddings will be listed.

  1. Lead conversion page – I use leadpages, I absolutely love it, I simply selected a page that I thought looked cool and filled out the text in about 30 minutes, the exact page I used is THIS ONE

You don’t have to use leadpages, you can do this with any number of options but I like leadpages, it’s easy and it tracks everything I need it to perfectly.

Here is the page I’ve used, I also have a different page set up to split test against but this is the winner. I have removed any blatant personal info from the image but you will still get the idea, simple and based on building trust and authority.

piano sale page copy

  1. Very detailed lead capture – the amount of info people give you directly corresponds with the quality of the lead (read quality lead as “easy to close” lead), if somebody is willing to fill out the following form, they are going to be very easy to close, it’s that simple.

Here is the exact form I use and he closes around 80% of the leads, even turns down a few as he is too busy for them.

piano lead form

  1. Retargeting – these days you would be silly not to use retargeting pixels on every single page you create, people can get distracted when making a decision or want to shop arouns, simply install a facebook pixel, create a new audience and show them the exact same ads for the next 180 days, if they are going to hire my client at any time, they will have access to his ad.

(NOTE: Need facebook retargeting training? See my facebook retargeting specialist training guide and template by clicking here.)

The results

You don’t need to see much here, so…

Here are the facebook stats

fb statsHere are the leadpages stats

leadpages statsSo essentially, I spent £108 on 63 clicks from facebook ads, of which 18 of those people filled out the lead form.

Average cost per lead generated = £6.46

Extended results

As mentioned earlier, I only took on this job to try and get this post published by Matt, i made a very small amount of cash but obviously I’m not one to miss an opportunity so I saw a chance and took it.

I approached a wedding photographer and a cupcake baker in the same city, told them what I had done, told them my fee was £500 per month and i can generate leads on demand, they both signed up.

To fulfill for these client i simply, changed the ads and the landing page, kept everything else exactly the same aaaaaaaand…… BOOOM!


leadpages photography stats

25 enquiries for a total facebook cost of £97


Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 19.27.08

12 enquiries for a total facebook cost of £40

I could go on and on selling this exact same funnel to different wedding services in this city and it would deliver similar results to all of them.

So what have you learned?

Keep things simple, concentrate on each individual action:

  1. Make people click an ad
  2. Make them fill in your lead form
  3. Close the sale
  4. Use retargeting so that you are there when they decide they need you

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