Create An SEO Agency Part 2 – Outsourcing The Boring Time Consuming Bits (broken link building and guest posting)

By Dan


Okay so now that you know how to get SEO jobs and how to do the “quality work”, I’m going to tell you how to get somebody do the dog work for you (for basically no money), for those of you cutie pies who find it difficult to trust people + you cheap asses I’ll also be showing you how to do it yourself…… OH MY!

This is primarily a guide on how to outsource the work but if you want to do it yourself, just follow the guides yourself instead of handing them to your brand spanking new assistant (they’re at the bottom of this post). Although this is silly as it’s a huge waste of your time.

Remember you need these services, your assistants also need them so if they don’t have access to them already then you need to give them access to yours or buy them another subscription

This is not to outdo the importance of these links, they are essential to your campaigns, if any site has just one type of link it is doomed for failure. The reason that these links are in this report rather than the last article is that they are much easier to get and to automate, leaving the role of teaching somebody else to do it on your behalf very easy, quick and they will achieve the same results as you would.

It also looks nice to have more than 1 or 2 links on each report, which is the probable outcome of your outreach efforts.

Ok so first up….

Let’s hire somebody to do our work for us

5 Simple steps to hire somebody here

1) Go to and register (Odesk was recently purchased by elance, this shouldn’t affect the process but there may be slight changes coming over the next little while so just adapt and make it happen)
2) Click “post a job”
3) Copy and paste the swipe file that I have included at the bottom of this post
4) Sift through the million and one applicants to find somebody who can do it and give them a trial
5) Hire them

Ok so I told you that part was gonna be easy, the only parts that need further explaining are steps 4 and 5 so here goes…

Finding the right applicant

You will get a million (perhaps a slight exaggeration) applicants, I have included a quick test in my swipe file to help you immediately cut these down to around 10-20. (that’s the dan ray is a bad mamma jamma part), you have to be brutal here, if they don’t use the phrase they aren’t getting the job FACT!

This might seem harsh but if they can’t follow this simple instruction it means that they either haven’t read the job properly or aren’t following your instructions, and since their job is basically going to be following your….cough….cough….. my…..cough instructions then they aren’t off to a great start.

From the list of people that we have left, I select a few (4 on this occasion) to give a trial to, this trial will be 1 hour long and will essentially test their ability to find link targets, although this won’t be their job it will demonstrate that they understand how SEO works and that they will be bale to follow your instructions while using their initiative rather than skyping you every 5 minutes with problems.

So I select 4 people who:
Write clear and plain English
Show an understanding of the things in the description
Reply to your message nice and fast

Then I simply say to them….

This looks great, would you be willing to do a 3 hour trial for me at $5 per hour?

If you get the position then I will raise your pay to your suggested $7.78.


In this particular instance the applicant had asked for 7.78 per hour, this never happened and he still works for me for $5 per hour. I think I get charged 5.52 or something as I take the hit on the odesk fees.

Once you have them agree to this, give them the actual trial.

Trial Description ————

I need you to spend 3 hours searching for suitable link targets for this site (put link to your clients site here).

Do not contact them, I just need to a spreadsheet of the targets you find and a quick explanation of how you found these targets (what you searched for, what your criteria for a target was etc).


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It is then a matter of seeing how they do with the trial, I am looking for at least 10 targets of a PA 30 or above, they should also be relevant to my clients industry, of course these things are just my personal preferences but I want my link builder to have high standards, this will ensure no shit links are pointing to my clients sites.

Once you have a suitable employee (or 2) give them the 2 guides below and unleash them onto the internet world. I give them 10 hours per month per client and ask then to dedicate 4 hours on guest posting and 6 on broken link building. The reason for this preference is that I don’t like guest posts as they require a bit more effort (content creation). Although they are often more successful than broken link building. You then give them another 10 hours per month for each client you bring on.

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