The absolute quickest way to get your agency to 10k per month

By Dan

I recently ran a survey to a segment of my subscribers, thanks for all of you that took part (all 326 of you).

The question “ what is your biggest problem at the moment?”

The options:

  1. Making enough money to make it worth my time
  2. Providing the service
  3. Motivation to take the steps to the next level
  4. Knowing the steps to take to get to the next level

Option a was the winner with 63% of the vote, b and d got around 15% each and and c came in last place.

So for 2 reasons, this one is about how to get more, higher paying clients. This is the beginner version of this article, I will be writing a case study in a couple of weeks that is much more indepth and teaches an actual system, that I totally stole by the way.

Okay so here is… how to make more money for your new SEO agency!

I have 3 ways for you to do this, these are all things that I actually do on a day to day basis and all bring in leads that you should be able to convert into clients.

Option 1 – team up with somebody else

I have agreements in place with 2 PR agencies and a web development company. These people service clients who need my services, but the agency doesn’t offer it.

So the offer is, that I take a nice little chunk off my fees and they can pocket it, this is worthwhile as I don’t have to deal with the client directly, I just do the work and voila, they take care of all of the reporting etc.

So how to find them?

Let’s work with the PR agency example. I type into Google this exact term…

“PR agency” [your city] -seo -digital marketing

This looks for the exact term “PR agency” then looks for any mentions of your city and takes away results that mention SEO or digital marketing.

Leaving a whole load of prospective people who could offer their clients your services, but under their umbrella.

How to get them to agree to work with you

I prefer the personal approach so I try to find the name of the owner of the agency, and add them on linkedin. Don’t ask me why, but all of these owners have links to their Linkedin profile, must be a PR thing.

When they accept me (they don’t have to if you have Linkedin Premium) you can can just send them an inmail.

I do it very informally, and try to get them to meet me in person. So we can discuss any chances of us working together.

Here is the message I send –

Hi [name],

Obviously I’m sending you this message because I want something from you, I’m not naive enough to think that you don’t already know this.

So what can I do for you, I’m [city]’s best link builder. And I think that you have the opportunity to offer this to your clients and there’s more than enough room for us both to make some nice cash from it.

Don’t worry I’m not some sham artist, I work with some pretty big names already. Such as [insert big name clients or other PR agencies you work with].

I’d love to get together and chat about this and see if there’s anything we can together.

If this is of interest, get in touch, my mobile number is [your phone number].


[your name]

P.s. I have a pretty interesting blog post that walks through exactly the way I do things, you can check it out at [insert link].

It goes down pretty well, and I get meeting with about 50% of them. Most of the other respond politely but pretty much shut me down.

Once you have these clients, you’re gonna want to do this at scales, so check out my link building training system Check it out

Option 2 – talk at events

I do several events each year, where I just get on stage and talk about what I do, be it automating marketing services, specific link building or general SEO stuff for beginners.

I can guarantee that after these talks, I get at least a few people enquiring about my services. It’s really a cumulative thing, if you do one, you get invited to go to others. You start to develop a little reputation and when somebody asks one of the people at your event if they know anybody who does SEO, who is the first person on their mind.

How do you get the events to let you speak?

Every event in your city usually needs people, there are even really small events run by business clubs or small specific ones run by other freelancer. Even some of the big ones, that last for a few days or a wee need people, there are so many time slots and who better to fill one of them than you?

So Google…

business event in [city] (I use digital marketing event too)

This pulls up all of the stuff that is going on throughout the year, so you just need to visit the site, see if they have a become a speaker page, if not look for a contact page or email address.

Send them an email and tell them what you specialise in and you’d love the opportunity to talk at their event.

This goes much better if you have already done some, but you need to get that first one under your belt.

I can’t give you a specific example of a script to send for this one, as I send a completely unique version to every event to make me sound like the perfect addition to their lineup.

Option 3 – have a badass piece of content (this is my favourite)

Saving the best until last, this is the most passive method, the most lucrative and most importantly, brings in the most conversions.

The strategy is to create something around what you do that is very specific and valuable, builds trust and will sell your service indirectly. For my business (I’m not going to show you this) I have an exactly what I do when you become a client article.

It serves several functions:

  1. It builds trust as it shows that my process is transparent and completely tells them exactly what they will get for their money.
  2. It has some average pricing, to filter out any of the low paying people who see it and want a cheap deal.
  3. It’s an intro to me and my brand, I can use it to just email people, be like “yo, check this out, if you’re interested get in touch and I’ll show you what I can do for you”

I market the article in various ways too, Linkedin, Facebook, Adwords paid ads straight to it, then remarketing to the people who view the page. Writing variations of stages of it, and offering them as guest posts.

I even created slideshares and video versions of the articles and published those to places that would get traffic towards them.

These methods should, if done correctly and with the mindset of “you have something valuable that they need” and it will make you a lot of money.

You could hit the 10k barrier which for some reason is the magical number for a lot of you in just a few months. Even faster if you know how to cold call or are willing to learn.

Once you have these clients, you’re gonna want to do this at scales, so check out my link building training system Check it out