Podcast Guest Brief

Can I Help Your Audience Learn How To Effectively Build Links Or Run A Minimal Lifestyle Business?

Yo, I’m Dan, and I want to be on your podcast, no point avoiding the point of this page right?

My speciality is link building, but I also like to talk about starting a business, automation and minimalism in business.

I like to do things in a stoic or minimal fashion and I also swear a lot, all of the stuff that I talk about is based on actual experiences and not theory, there is far too much theory on the internet in my opinion.

Most people tend to either overcomplicate, overthink or make excuses for every step of the process of starting or running an online business, I like to quickly get them past that point and on to actual actionable steps that I have made work and are repeatable.

Some details about me:

  • I don’t believe in scaling my income past a certain point, this is a lifestyle business for me and is aimed at living a stress-free life with as many options as possible.
  • I am a minimalist, and rarely buy new things until something old breaks or I need or love something that I see. This concept filters through my entire business.
  • Have appeared on several interview style podcasts previously such as Lion ZealSEO Cheat Guides and The Productize Podcast (Brian Casel).
  • I currently have 20 scheduled podcasts in the SEO/online business industry in the next 3 months.

This is what my face looks like

What do I have to offer:

  • Promote your episode to my growing and active facebook group, currently on 1,700+ members.
  • I will send facebook ads traffic to any podcast episode I appear on.
  • A wealth of knowledge on multiple subject areas, from link building to getting clients, running a blog, and generally making money.

If you want to know more about me:

Here is my blog home page

Here is my youtube channel

Here is my facebook group

I hope to hear from you soon.


P.s. Yep, I have a 200mb internet connection and professional mic.