How to start a £10,000 per month guest posting business

By Dan

So a quick run through of how I Would go about this, and everything to need to take into consideration including tax rates to make a £10,000 per month business selling guest posts.

– What’s up, motherfuckers? Not that interesting of a video today. I’m gonna talk about how to create a sort of ten grand a month guest posting business. It’s really relevant to what’s been going on in the group at the moment, because a lot of you have been calling me the “guest post guy”. Don’t appreciate it, so fucking stop, please. And yeah, we’ve been talking a lot about guest posts, the quality of the ones that you can buy, how much you should be charging and that type of stuff. So, I’m going to go into the realities of it, talking about taxes and stuff like that, which I don’t really see spoken about very often, but it’s real important, and this is obviously UK based tax figures, check your own from where you are. Also, I apologise for any calculation mistakes I make in the video. I am no mathematician, whatsoever. So, this is all just off of the top of my head. So, that’s um, one second. Let’s keep that in mind in case I make any mistakes. So, UK tax works like this, if you make up to 45 grand a month, this is after you have a free tax allowance of 11 and a half thousand pounds. If you make up to 45 after that, you get charged 20% tax. If you make between 45 grand and a 150 grand, you get 40% tax, and if you make even 1,000 pounds, one pence over 150 grand, you’re on the 45 percent rate. There are some special conditions and stuff like that, I’m not going to get into them, because they’re not really relevant to what I teach, but I will later on be giving you a little calculation to show you what you need to actually do to make any sort of fucking living from this. It’s much, much harder than it seems. So, lets talk about the types and levels of guest posts that you can get. So we’re looking at … You know, most of you are going to be using my system. My free trial system, right? And that caters to this, so, Dan’s system, we’re looking at the medium level, so there are normal guest posts, which are, sort of, just anything at all that accepts a guest post, any site, not interested in them, because we care about relevancy. That’s my main thing, right? Medium ones, these are gonna be relevant, but not necessarily the creme de la creme of sites, and then there are the elite ones. These are the ones that have millions and millions of visitors each month. To get on these sites you’re going to have to produce exceptional pieces, which, it’s not beyond us, but it’s very hard to do on a large scale. So, if we’re looking to do guest posts as a service, this is gonna be the sweet spot, this is where you’re gonna make most of the money. With pricing, I’ve done a little bit of research and I believe there was an article posted somewhere in the group. You could search guest post, I’m sure you’ll find it, it was one of the most commented, one of the most commented comments that we’ve ever had, so you’ll be able to find that quite easily. I don’t really want to fuck with this 50 pound level, because essentially you’re aiming at these normal ones and we’re not really interested in that. I would say here, if you can get people here using my system, tag that again, then it’s fairly easy to make the level that we are. If you can provide value at 100 pounds, you’re doing great. Again, if you’re charging a hundred plus you’re only providing these sort of elite level links, which are much, much harder and more time consuming to get. In fact, I would say as soon as you get over the 100 pound mark, you’re looking at 200 plus, because you don’t really want to be charging 150 and 20 quid with that sort of level. The jump is quite steep from providing value 100 pound to providing value at over a hundred pounds. Okay, let’s move on. So, my system is perfect for these conditions. You want medium link types and the levels link, so we’re talking about relevancy, and they have some traffic but they’re not mega sites. If you can find medium sites and you can charge, we wanna be here, some of you will undercut each other. So, that’s why I put 50 but really I want you to be charging 100 pound per link. So, we don’t have to promote any content. I don’t want to ever produce content for a guest post. Ideally, you can do this in sort of two ways, so the client supplies it, which is my favourite method, because essentially, clients, if you can get a good one who knows their industry and can produce good content, you can get fucking excellent content for guest posts all day long. Occasionally, I will hire a writer. It’s not ideal, because it can take ages to hire a good writer and find one. The key thing to remember, if you do hire a writer, is that you don’t pay them. So, the client will essentially set up a direct payment and a direct contract with the writer, so you’re just saying, here’s the piece of content that we want, you go out and produce it, and you know, we’ll have a guest post for you. Some costs that are associated with producing this sort of guest post side business, content, if you choose to provide it, I recommend that you don’t, but if you do, content can run anywhere from like 30 pounds for like a passable piece, to a couple of 100, to a couple of thousand pounds, I know a lot of you have seen the five pencil method, how to drawer a horse article, I’ll put that below, a piece of content that I say, that is what you should aim for, maybe not for guest posts, but you wanna hit, what I would do is take certain sections out of your main post, and rewrite those as guest posts. So, we’re looking at anything from 30 to 1000 pounds, depending on what level you’re going after. If you go after medium, I would say you’re looking at sort of 50 to 70 for 1,500 to 2,000 words, and VA’s, they can also vary along, a very, very wild rate, so my guys, and I know a lot of you can find it very hard to find them for this price, but so I have one at 333, that’s just to find the prospects, and another one at 533, I don’t know where the 33 comes from So, that’s a prospector and that’s your outreach person, so we’re looking at eight dollars 66 per hour, and I’m looking at maybe ten per hour, so ten targets per hour, if we get 50 percent of them, you’re paying, so what’s that? Around about 90 quid for five posts, five live posts, which is not so bad, really. You’re adding content, so you can see the sort of the price that these things come for. Two important questions when you’re making this kind of business. I know you ask these questions, because you ask them to me all the fucking time. That’s why I’m making this video, so I don’t have to ever answer these questions again. How much do you want to make? A lot of you say, you have this arbitrary figure, you go ten grand a month, so we’re gonna roll with that. Most of you speak in dollars, but I’m writing pounds, ’cause that’s what I work in. And should you produce content? I say no. If you do, charge the client extra for it. I don’t want you to be charging 100 pounds per guest post and then having to pay for content out of that, ’cause what if the content comes out of 70 quid, you’re making 30 pound, right? Add in VA costs and it’s not really worth doing. So, don’t produce content if you can handle that. If you do have to produce content, make sure the client pays extra for it. So, let’s get into a couple of things to consider. These are just not really essential to starting this business, but all just stuff to consider and things you might have to think about. The competition, right? There’s like 2,100 people in this group now, if 100 of you go and try to implement this model right now, you’ll all start out doing 100 pounds, ’cause that’s what I told you to do at. The problem is, one of you will come in and be doing the exact same thing, and you’re all gonna be doing the same thing, ’cause you’re following my system, and you’ll be charging 50 pound. It’ll start at 70, then it’ll be 50, then it just, competition lowers the price. So, make sure you’re charging fair prices. You don’t want to ever look for … To be the highest person if you’re not doing the best work. So, if you’re producing the same stuff as other people, you can’t really charge more for it unless you add something spicy to it. Essential part of this is equality and cheap writer. A lot of the clients, they’re just gonna want links, right? They don’t give a fuck about producing content for you, so we’re gonna need a writer. Quality and cheap, by cheap I don’t mean ten dollars, right? What I mean is worth the money. So, your client is willing to pay for them and they still produce good stuff, that’s what I’m asking for. The creme de la creme sites, so a lot of your clients are gonna want to be published on Buzz Stream, Buzz Feed, sorry, and you know, this sort of big industry website. If you’re gonna do that, you’re gonna have to do them as sort of one off payments. So, you say, we can perhaps get this posted, it’s gonna take a lot more time and effort, and the level of content that you produce is gonna have to be way, way, way higher, so we’re not offering this service as part of this, but you can sort of add that on, be like, “Oh, we found 20, 30 opportunities in creme de la creme sites, but here’s the price it will cost for us to get these over the line.” I will be producing a little video from the DCWD folks on how to actually get these, and they’re also in my system, I think, I’m not sure if I’ve removed it or not. This is the people we’re looking for. If you want to sell this service, here’s how I recommend finding them. There’s a lot of you guys in here, as you can see from the post I was talking about earlier, I then followed that post up by asking a question of, if I was to produce a service that could produce this, how much would you pay, what would it be worth, would you expect content to be produced, etc., etc.? And these are the people that I determined would fit perfectly for this type of thing. So, they’re willing to wait. This stuff can take a little bit of time to get going, so once you’ve produced your first piece of content, they have publishing schedules and stuff like that, and posts don’t always go live the very next day, so if you’re finding somebody who wants ten links a month, sometimes they’re gonna get eight, and the two will spill over to next month, so they’ll get 12 and eight, and things like that. You need to find people who are patient, and they understand the process, that’s the most important thing, and that’s why I always recommend that you write, you know, a single guest, a single post, sorry, on your website, that just explains everything, and any possible objection is answered within that one piece of content. They’ll pay you monthly, I fucking hate one off payments. I can’t stand them, because if I sell something for ten grand, I then have to go and find another ten grand client the next month, and I hate the first month of clients, so make sure it’s somebody who’s gonna pay monthly, you know, they want ten links a month, and they can produce quality content quickly and well. So, as we said up here, either you’re gonna need a quality and cheap writer or they’re gonna produce it themselves, which is the ideal way of doing it. So, we’re looking at ten clients who want to pay monthly, who want ten posts a month, who are gonna pay 100 pounds, so we’ll add that, I forgot to put that on there, so 100 pounds a month, ten posts, and ten clients, so we’re looking at 1,000 pounds per client times ten, so that equals, you know, you’ve got 1,000 pound per client and ten clients, which equals ten grand. Very, very easy math, right? And here’s where it gets complicated. So, that equals 120 grand a year, which sounds very, very nice, right? You take away the 11.5 thousand pounds, I believe, I’m not an expert on this, I have a tax man to do this for me, of the tax free income that you’re allowed, so this leaves us at 108,500 pounds. You then, notice that 108 grand is over 45 grand, so we’re paying 40 percent tax, but slightly under the 151, so we’re bang on the 40 percent, which is, according to google, 43,400 pounds, so you take that off as well, which means if you do ten posts a month for ten clients for 100 pound per post, you get 65 grand, 65,100 pounds, and that’s before you pay for your content and VA’s or however you decide to do things. Now, I personally think this is a lot of work for that amount of money and you can do much, much better with selling other link types, and just sort of link building as a service. Always factor in tax before you make a decision on what business you’re gonna do, and that’s pretty much it. That’s how to make 65,100 pound a year and if you use my system, you don’t have to do any of the fucking work yourself, so well done, congratulations, you’re now on easy street.