Hustle – One of my favourite ever posts recreated!

This article is based on one that I read a while ago, I recently noticed that it is no longer live so here is my own version of it. The basic premise is on why “hustle” is so important in your link building efforts, it is essential and the reason why you lazy link builders will be looking for work in a few months. A quote from the original article over on Carson Content… all credit to @mrjamescarson for this strategy whose content I used to adore before it vanished.

“It’s all very well saying, ‘You gotta have hustle’ and ‘I’ve got hustle’ but if you don’t know how to apply your hustler instincts to any process, you’ll be hustling in all the wrong places, doing loads of hustling and getting nowhere.”

It is basically a 12 step process/story from a link building outreach campaign, the reason I have decided to recreate this article is because it happened to me almost exactly the same as the original story, including the rejection and how it got overturned, statistics were also almost exactly the same except on a slightly smaller scale as my client was not as big as his.

The following is the story of my unbelievable tekkers/good hustle.

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